Come On Grannies Let's Have Some Fun!

The Granny Basketball League is made up of over 200 women who are over the age of 50 and enjoy the fun, the friendships and most of all the game of basketball! The League was formed in 2005 by Barb McPherson from Lansing, Iowa. Her idea was to get some exercise while having fun at the same time and it quickly evolved into an organized league.

The ladies play by the 1920s and 30s women's basketball rules. There is no running, jumping or bodily contact allowed in the game, nor is a player allowed to dribble the ball more than twice per possession. The game is played on a 3 court floor, one for the Forwards, one for the Centers, and one for the Guards. The designated players for each area must remain in their courts and most of the game involves passing the ball from court to court rather than moving up and down the court with the ball.

The team's uniforms are designed to replicate the uniform of the 1920s eara that consists of tennis shoes, middy clouses, black bloomers and socks, stockings or tights to cover the legs. They also wear the 'sailor' style collars that tie in front.  The Granny Basketball Teams guarantee to provide humorous, good, clean entertainment! We play scheduled league games from January to May of each year with a state tournament held in June. We also play at several fundraising and charitable events helping to raise money for our local communities.

If you know of any ladies over the age of 50 who may be interested in a mild form of exercise and fun who may still have dreams of one day competing in a state basketball tournament, they can visit the league website at We would also be happy to talk to you if you are interested in having a fundraise or an exhibition game of Granny basketball at an event, or if you would like to start a Granny team of your own.

Granny Basketball League

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