Welcome to Gracious Grannies Basketball Team

The Virginia Gracious Grannies Basketball Team coached by Verdella Carter has been accepted in the nationally known and registered GRANNY BASKETBALL LEAGUE. Barbara Trammel, of De Soto, a childhood player and daughter of a basketball coach, formed the Granny Basketball League in 2005 while living in Lansing, Iowa. After overseeing the formation of 30 teams in nine states, Trammel and fellow enthusiast Linda Schmitz, 64, of La Crosse are helping bring the 1920s-era “gentle game for women of a certain age” to the East Coast. 

Granny basketball — named for the granny shot, an underhand toss — is played with no running, jumping or contact allowed, rules formed in the 1920s. Today, the rather docile guidelines of the game make the sport a good fit for both novice and experienced seniors looking to be active without overexerting themselves.  In addition, a modest uniform of bloomers, middy blouses with sash collars and knee-high socks are required. We are currently recruiting players and building teams in Virginia to join a Granny Basketball Regional League.

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